The sites that make up the Western Monarch Trail will be represented by signage along the migration path of the western monarch butterfly. Panels are currently being developed and installed in several locations along the Central Coast of California. Signage will also eventually be staked in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Nevada. These sites, whether on public or private lands, are crucial overwintering, breeding and nectaring locations for monarchs during their migration. Click the button below to view the very first Western Monarch Trail panel in English and Spanish!

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Pismo State Beach Monarch Grove

Located on the beautiful central coast of California, the Pismo State Beach Monarch Grove has a lot to offer. Historically, it has had one of the largest overwintering western monarch populations with November through February as the best time to see the monarchs in early morning clusters. For more information to plan your visit, where to stay and what to do, visit Highway 1 Discovery Route.

Additional sites and information coming soon.